Tuesday, December 20, 2011

No shortage of snow!

This was the scene outside our windows yesterday all day!  Lindsay and I had a very productive weekend.  We made our dipped chocolate candies--which still need their chocolate coating, mocha brandy balls, lasagne for her to take to a potluck, and cardamom bread for another pot luck as well.  She works Christmas eve and Christmas day, and they have potlucks on both days.  

We also did sewing and crafting.  Got stethoscope covers made, and the little ABC Already Been Chewed--aptly named by Marcia of Quilter's Cache) wool gingerbread man ornaments.  I was surprised that Geoff made it to pick her up from Albuquerque and then back home again.  Shortly afterwards they closed I-40 from Albuquerque to the Texas border.  

Seems like it will be a white Christmas here.  This latest storm joins the snowfall that started December 3rd and still hadn't completely melted!  Seems like we're going to get a bit of sunshine today, which will help a lot with gain for our sun room.
This sunrise picture is through the window in the sun room door--Too cold and I wasn't suitably dressed to go outside to snap it!  Keep warm everyone!

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