Wednesday, March 09, 2011

My favorite part

I brought back a lot of quilt tops from the retreat in Phoenix.  The first one I finished was a mystery quilt for one of the attendees.  My own mystery quilt from the forum is languishing in a project box--I abandoned it when one of the fabrics I picked wasn't quite enough to eke out the necessary number of blocks.  I haven't found an adequate replacement.  I used a pantograph which featured Saturn and stars on it, and her son is happy with his quilt.

The next finish was for one of three of Pat's nieces that's getting married this year.  Two of them opted for homespuns, primitive, and Pat will also likely make the same quilt for their mother!  I was happy not to be doing the piecing, and Pat churned out this quilt, just starting it at retreat and finishing it up on the Monday after it so that I could bring it back to NM with me.  I used a Hibiscus pantograph on it which is dense to hold all those homespun seams together.

I had a deadline, since another retreat attendee was coming to Albuquerque for work, and I could send the quilt back to Phoenix with her.  I also got lots of blocks at the retreat and I put this little quilt together as a diversion, or you could say (if you know me well) procrastinating on finishing the big quilt!  I had the five pastel blocks and just added to it to make it a baby size quilt.  Dr. Kaufman occasionally gets babies, and I figured she'd find a home for it.  I used the Mandarin Garden pantograph again.  I do really like this panto, and it's much more manageable on this little quilt.  Wouldn't want to do a bed sized quilt with it.  I used a satiny polyester fabric I found in my stash for a backing.  It's really soft and light.
Thanks to the maker of the blocks--I don't know where exactly they came from, but have they found a home.  As they say in Brazil, "Deus te pague," which translates loosely to God will repay you.  My dad always jokingly adds to the sayer--don't be putting your debts off on God.  ;-)

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