Thursday, March 10, 2011

Postal bounty

We generally walk to the post office (less than two mile round trip) every day when the weather cooperates.  When it doesn't, I drive, or don't bother to go at all if I'm not expecting anything.  Lately the winds have been blowing rather fiercely, and on the few days we were able to walk, we made it back home before they kicked into high gear.

Dale went hiking and I walked to the post office alone.  I was richly rewarded with the bounty below.  All unexpected except for the 2.5" fabric noodles which were from a swap on  The book was from Pat and the pincushion from Rosie.  Now I just need a good pattern to start using the "noodles."

Spring is just around the corner, though sometimes it feels far away still.  Hoping we have a peach crop this year.  

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