Thursday, March 17, 2011

I won again!

I love blog giveaways and since I have a number of blogs I routinely follow, I frequently leave comments in order to win something!  One of these blogs is While She Naps, which I've followed for a long while.  Abby has been posting wonderful tutorials on making softies.  I haven't been brave enough to design my own yet.

With this eBook I won, Anatomy of a Doll, I'm hoping to be brave enough to try.  I have a number of "Greeter" heads that I hope to create a soft body for.

I'm nearing my 200th post here, and I'm thinking I should have a giveaway myself.  Pretty paltry number since I've had this blog since fall of 2005!  I'll try to come up with something good for the giveaway!  Stay tuned!

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