Thursday, March 31, 2011

Two more!

I finished another two quilts to take to Dr. Kaufman.  These were done with 30s prints, the first one from Yetta.  

These quilts were finished with scraps of this and that.  I had some sheeting, that was just not enough for both quilts, so I pieced some leftovers from previous quilts.  I also pieced some leftovers of battings together.  
This second 30s quilt was from Kathi.  

I liked the effect of this pantograph, Ribbon Wrap.  It's more visible on the back.
I now have eight quilts to deliver plus the raffle quilt.  

Have you heard about Fiber Arts Fiesta, this May in Albuquerque?  I'm hoping to take a class being offered if there are enough people signed up.  They're doing a fundraiser with JDRF and I'm also hoping to get some postcards and other gift items to donate for that.


sophie said...

The quilts are lovely--you really made them come alive with your quilting design. Good luck getting the class--maybe you should invite some friends to join you in NM next month and take it with you ... to ensure enough students sign up ;-)

jmbmommy said...

Hi there,
I came over for a little visit from Oregon. I love how the traditional block settings are so effective graphically. I just love that 9-patch/snowball quilt. It looks fantastic. I love the simplicity and the complexity of the secondary patterns. I guess I have to go and make one now! Thanks for the inspiration!