Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Finally finished

I got this wonderful quilt from Colene at the retreat in AZ, and after adding an (ar)resting strip and borders, I loaded it on the longarm.  I found the perfect backing, a king size sheet in a light gold color.  It was just a bit short, so then I started combing my stash for a strip to piece in.  With Dale's input I picked a print that I thought worked. 

 It turned out to be a generous queen size.  Pat has trained me to prefer quilts with ample drape on the sides.  I decided to do a pantograph, Quills, in the center, a Native American feather design in the borders, and a freehand design in the resting strip.  I had to reload the quilt to do the feathers on the side border.  

All this to say it's been on my machine a lot longer than most of the kid sized quilts I usually do.  I hope it's wildly successful when it's raffled!
 It's been fun to recognize some of the blocks I made from the swap I participated in.  I also have a stash of these black and batik blocks to put together into a quilt sometime!

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Yetta said...

Beautiful job Colene and Hilda!