Thursday, July 02, 2015

Quilts delivered...

I finished the quilt I had started from orphan blocks.  We had eight quilts for Dr. Kaufman, along with my Route 66 quilt which I gave her for a raffle.  

I backed it with this child friendly print I had in my stash.  It was from IKEA quite a while back.  

Today I made replacement seats and backs for our director chairs.  This is also fabric from IKEA, a heavier, home decorator weight.  I've been waiting for just the right occasion to use it. 

This quilt, Melbourne town, has inspired me to get more of my orphans out and start building my own town.  

Our Spanish broom bush is thriving this year.  It must have enjoyed all the spring rains.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Using some orphans...

Orphan blocks, of course.  Crystal put out a call for orphan blocks on her blog.  In looking for some to send her, I decided to put together a quilt from some of the orphans I've gotten.
I'm not much of a piecer, but I had some blocks to send her along with more fabric squares that I had used to make the blocks.  I believe they were Liberty of London fabrics that just didn't inspire me.  

I also finally got a longtime project done.  Using leftover tiles from window sills here I did some work on this little table which is now residing under the clothes line to hold the basket when I hang out clothes.  Now I'm inspired to get to work on a couple of other tables that have been waiting patiently for me to be inspired!

Got another two quilts done.  This one from Patty E.  Thank you friends for blocks, pieces parts, and tops.  I still have a stack of tops in my queue.

This lovely quilt is Tove's.  I wouldn't have the staying power to make so many four-inch blocks for a queen sized quilt! 
I also scored this stack of fabrics (including a couple of batks) at the thrift store in Moriarty.  The blue sunflower was a perfect fit for binding Tove's quilt.  (I hope she thinks so too. 

Now back to cooking...Pat, Sandy (newly transplanted to Estancia), and Patty (returning to Oklahoma) are coming for dinner.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

And three more makes a half dozen!

I've been busy quilting, and am getting a nice stack of quilts to deliver to Dr. Kaufman again.  This first one came from Oklahoma...can't remember who...Sherry or Patty.

Pat made this jelly roll race with batiks last summer while she was in Illinois.  It came out really nice with a controlled color palette.  I like it better than totally scrappy strips.
  This is another beauty from Tove.  The batik binding I made worked for both quilts. 
 Summer has finally arrived!  Thanks all my friends that keep me in tops to quilt.  I can't say it enough! 

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Three for a start...

While tearing myself away from taming kitties, I've managed to finish three quilts for Dr. Kaufman.  

This is actually the second one of these BQ3s I finished for Pat.  The twin of this one was for a neighbor's quinceanera.  Nice sized quilt for a teenager.

This is a beautiful four patch posy from Tove.  

And last but not least this fun quilt from Patty E.  

I also quilted another BQ3 for Pat's niece's baby, which I don't have a picture of.  Needless to say Pat's baby quilts are usually just shy of lap or twin size.  Kids do grow pretty quickly and aren't babies for long. 

Friday, May 29, 2015

Finally warming up...

I haven't complained about the cooler spring.  Putting off the heat of summer is fine with me.  

The best flowers are those planted by nature, and this year the primroses are loving the cooler weather and rain.  

My good friend, Rosie, reminded me of the name of this delicate little flower (weed)...scarlet guara.  It's also having a good year.

Olive and her four kitties (which we mistankenly thought had perished) are coming around regularly now.  Have yet to get close to one, but am working on it.  
There is nothing more entertaining than watching kitties play.  Now back to laundry and quilting!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Fiber Arts Fiesta!

Pat and I attended Fiber Arts Fiesta on Friday.  I had entered my summer quilt despite its developing a serious issue with bearding of the silk batting.  I spent a few hours defuzzing it before taking it in for display.  Thankfully it is most visible on the dark backing. 

On a lark, I also entered my scrappy sweatshirt in the sewing (wearable art) category.  I was really surprised to see it displayed with a first prize ribbon!  Woo-hoo, and there was even a money prize to go along with the ribbon.  (I think it helped that it was the only entry in the category!)

There were so many beautiful quilts.  Judith Roderick was the featured artist, and I have admired her work since the first Fiber Arts I had attended when we moved here.  I love her use of button embellishment and am inspired to use some of my collection.

 It was a great show.  Another inspiring piece was Studio Spirit by Pat Moorman.  I think Pat needs one for her new studio.   

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Of birds and apricots

Our migrants have arrived.  Not a great picture, but we had this beautiful male western tanager come by for a drink of water.  This picture doesn't do it justice from the kitchen window.  
After remarking that we had yet to see black-headed grosbeaks, we had a pair come to the feeder, and they are hanging around for now.

Pat picked up a bountiful basket because they also had boxes of apricots, and we split a box.  I was able to replenish my larder with two batches of jam and froze enough for another batch.

Made my first ever upside-down cake...apricot of course.  It was very tasty.    


Friday, May 08, 2015

Quilts delivered!

Pat, daughter Lindsay, and I delivered a dozen quilts to Dr. Kaufman, who was thrilled to get them.  Thanks again to all my friends who have sent me tops!

I finished these two Wednesday just in time for Thursday's delivery.  Tove pieced these and we needed some smaller quilts since the majority of the quilts we had were larger.  I was able to load them consecutively on one bright backing with giraffes that Pat found.

Tove also pieced this one.  She is quite the prolific quilter and I hope she'll be able to get back to sewing soon.

Meanwhile I have tamed a little tabby kitty, dubbed Pimento, Pim for short.  We had been feeding wild Olive, so dubbed because of her sour puss personality after we watched Olive Kittredge on HBO.  (She would hiss and attempt to scratch me while I insisted on petting her as she ate--she's much more receptive now.)



 My hibiscus which we inherited from Dale's mom has been blooming continuously for over a month now.  It's having a particularly good year.   
The yard is ablaze with color--orioles are here!     

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Three more...

I'm getting quite a load to take to Dr. Kaufman.  I originally quilted this one for Yetta.  She didn't use it much and offered it for donation, which I gladly accepted.

This is another one from Tove.  The panel is really different, and I liked how she added to it.

I thought about doing freehand on this great quilt from Patty E., but I do so much better with pantos.  I thought the Frothy Seas panto fit well with the ocean theme.  
Thankfully the sun is shining today.  We've had a few days of rain, (small, non-damaging) hail, and more rain.  We still need the moisture to get out of our drought status, but I missed my sunshine.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


So long since I posted.  Our peach tree blossomed beautifully.  I don't know if several recent overnight freezing temperatures have eliminated our chance for any fruit.  I know our lilacs will not be blooming as a result.
 I've finished some more quilts  This one from Patty E.  

Judy H. made this great quilt with oriental fabrics.  

Judy also started Bonnie Hunter's Grand Illusion mystery but gave up on it and I inherited the blocks.  I sashed these blocks to make this bright girl's quilt.  There are more blocks to put together into good sized kid quilts.

 Tove had me quilt her finished Grand Illusion quilt.

 Happy to be productive again, after a succumbing to a flu/cold virus which really took a toll.