Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cranking out the quilts

Thanks to Pat, I've been cranking out the quilts.  She still has more ballerina quilt tops that she's finishing and I'm sure we'll be in high production when she comes out towards the end of October.

We had enough leftover backing from Pat's niece's quilt for this one.  

 I had this plaid in my stash which worked well with the border on this one.  

This one was a cute train panel.  I added the outer yellow and blue borders to make it a little bigger.  
This wide Scotty fabric had been in the stash for a while, and there was enough red and black striped binding from these doggie quilts to just get this one bound.  I love using stuff up to the last little bit.
I've got a stack of five quilts to deliver to Dr. Kaufman, and am piecing one from leftovers.  We'll need to go deliver soon.

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