Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Thrift shopping, etc.

On the way home, the last 30 miles, Dale discovered he had a leak of some sort in the truck.  It was kind of hard to figure out since none of the fluids were low, oil, transmission, coolant, and we were getting too good a gas mileage for it to be fuel.

It took a while to pinpoint it to one of two lines that go to the high pressure oil pump.  Dale is no slouch when it comes to troubleshooting.  Armed with that information we made an appointment and took it to the Ford dealer, Rich Ford in Edgewood.  After a week, and claims that the coolant flush maintenance had already been done, we went to pick up the truck, only to find out nothing had been done at all.  At least we didn't owe them any money.  

Second attempt took us to 2nd to None in Moriarty.  We picked up the truck when it was ready, only to discover it had blown one of the replaced O rings, and was still leaking when we got it home.  Back to Moriarty in two vehicles.  They apologized profusely and "made it right," fixing it again at no charge, and all is well now.  

I did get something out of all the trips back and forth.  I hit the jackpot at the thrift store.  I got over 35 yards of quality fabrics all for $1/yd.  There were some large eight plus yard cuts which will be great for backings.

Someone was de-stashing, and luckily I was able to score it!  I love a bargain. 

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