Saturday, August 25, 2012

A couple of finishes...

Every once in a while the discussion surfaces on quilting forum...  Which do you prefer, piecing or quilting?  I definitely prefer quilting.  I quickly tire of the tedium of making blocks, but quilting on the other hand doesn't ever seem so tedious, even when I'm usually doing pantographs and there is a lot of repetition involved.  I see the light at the end of the tunnel, and it's easy to keep going.

  I can also say the same of binding.  I guess I just really like finishing.  Fortunately for me, Pat prefers piecing, and is rather productive.  I don't have a bounty of pieced tops that I haven't gotten around to quilting.  I do have some blocks from swaps and other "abandoned" blocks, but not nearly enough to finish into so many quilts.  Pat got these tops done, I added borders.

I also grew the backing fabric a bit, since it wasn't long enough to do both quilts after the addition of borders.  The black and white strip came from friends on the forum.  I'm also fortunate to get pieces parts from friends that I can use.  Yay for symbiotic quilting relationships!!  I also finished my nephew's wedding quilt, way ahead of schedule.  I'm taking it up to Colorado and will photograph it on Jackie's king size bed--the 120-square-inch behemoth dwarfed my queen beds and dragged on the floor. 

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