Monday, August 20, 2012

Back to production...

Taking a break from quilting helped me want to be productive after returning home.  My nephew's wedding quilt has a deadline, since the wedding is in early October, and it's on the longarm now.

My daughter, Jackie, asked if I had any comfort of her coworkers was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.  I combed my stash for something I could put together and found some log cabin blocks.  The blocks and coordinating fabrics came from Chris' stash who lost her battle with pancreatic cancer.  It would have made her happy that they are going to a good cause in this quilt.

 Pat has also been busy, and she put together these two twin nine-patch pizzazz tops with doggie themed fabrics.  I used my newly purchased Moda black and white stripe, and had just enough of the perfect red for growing them with borders. 
I also have a great doggie print wide fabric for a backing that Pat got for the stash some time ago.  Everything falling into place, and I need to start getting another batch of quilts for Dr. Kaufman.  It's coming up on "high season" for newly diagnosed kids with diabetes.

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Pat/SWquilter said...

The resting strip and outer border really improve the doggie 9 patch pizzazzes! (Is that spelled right? Looks like a pizza sleeping - zzzzzz!)

The comfort quilt turned out great too. Hope you're able to finish up B&B's wedding quilt in time to take it to Jackie's with you to give it a bed test!