Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Winding down

Our next stop was Pedernales Falls State Park. We had wonderful weather and this was perhaps our favorite park of the trip. We drove to Fredericksburg checking out Trader Days on the way. Bought a nutcracker for the camper so we wouldn't have to keep shelling pecans with a meat tenderizer hammer! There were a lot of Monarch butterflies in this area of the hill country.

From Pedernales we headed to Inks Lake State Park. We were planning on doing some canoeing, but had different visions of what the lake would be like. It was windy and the lake was too big. I decided to explore the park on my bike while Dale was working on his which had a flat tire. I wrecked on the bike and man I got bruised and battered. This has to be the worst fall I've had on a bike. My ankle must have hit the pavement pretty hard, and it bruised and swelled. I had to straighten the handlebars and pedal back to our campsite after some choice words. I have a half dozen bruises in various shades of purple.

We had intended to finish up our trip in Balmorhea where we started to get more pecans and a killer burrito, but the weather was raining as we were heading home, and Dale decided to just make a run for home. Despite ending with an injury, it was a great trip. I'm still putting stuff away!

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