Monday, October 12, 2009

Welcome rain

It started raining as we headed to McKinney Falls SP, but not the violent sort of storms we're used to. It would rain, let up, rain some more. We found out that central Texas had been in somewhat of a drought and so it was welcome water.

We had city things to do in Austin, like checking out some of the fourteen Goodwill stores there. We only made it to two before being sated. I got a set of four wine glasses, heavy, handblown for a dollar each, and the cut crystal cordial glass was 59 cents. The blue rimmed margarita (?) glasses were from a thrift store in Balmorhea, also a dollar each. We tend to break glasses every once in a while and so I get them when I find ones I like. My peach cordial is ready to decant and it will make great gifts along with a pretty little glass. Also picked up a June Taylor shape cut ruler at the Goodwill, along with a cute pet dish for Frangelica.

Chased away the dreary weather with an awesome lunch at Carmelo's restaurant. What a wonderful meal. I had SPECIALITA DI MARE, sautéed Alaskan king salmon with pomodoro
Provencal and Striped Bass with wild mushroom ragu and Dale had almond coated shrimp with a light mango sauce, tomato, mixed greens and gorgonzola. We topped it off with a sinfully delicious chocolate cake. Sadly I'm home now, dieting to pay for my vacationing excesses.

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