Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The value of seat belts

Our next stop was Galveston Island State Park, where we had camped numerous times. The park was severely damaged by Hurricane Ike, and we were lucky to get campsite for three nights on the beach. We actually went swimming in the gulf! On previous trips the water temperature only allowed for walking in water while seeking out treasures in the sand, probably due to the fact that it was early fall and not winter.

While we were there we got a call from our daughter's fiance. She was fine but totaled her car. She was driving home to Pueblo from Colorado Springs, and all she remembers is hitting her brakes. The next thing she remembers is crawling out the window of her upside-down car. She apparently went into the median, went airborne over the northbound lanes of traffic, without hitting anyone else, and flipped over landing in the shoulder of the northbound lanes.

She is one lucky girl--with only a few bumps. She is now extolling the virtues of seat belts after being told by sheriffs and health care workers that it would have been a different outcome without her seat belt. (Justifies my threatening her with loss of driving privileges if I ever saw her around town without a seat belt when she first started driving!)

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