Sunday, December 13, 2015

Enough for delivery...

I finished two more quilts.  Pat put these together from old swap blocks she had.  
 Quilting with variegated thread helped give the muslin a little more interest.
She also had a wider backing, so I was able to load them consecutively on one long backing.  I love getting two quilts done at a time!  
The amazing sunrises and sunsets continued just about all week, until yesterday when totally gray skies decided to rain and snow on us.  The snow continues and it is a winter wonderland outside.   

I just swept a path to the studio to turn the heat on and feed the kitties.  In less than half an hour, it's covered again.  As always I'm thankful for the moisture...and a warm, dry house, with plenty of food, and no need to go anywhere.  Let it snow!

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sophie said...

I love the quilts put together and your beautiful quilting. You and Pat are a powerful creative team.

I woke up this morning, looked out on the Winter wonderland and had exactly the same thought ... though I will likely get bundled up and go out and shovel the walk and dig out the car at some point before the next big storm front comes through. In the meantime, it feels like a good day for making soup and quilting.