Thursday, August 21, 2014


I finished two more quilts, making a stack of 14 quilts to deliver.  

Thanks Tove!  I'm still quilting all the tops she gave.  I also have a few that I pieced to quilt in the queue as well!

I pieced both of these consecutively on one big backing.  

I made a special little baby quilt for Dr. Kaufman's soon to be arriving grandson.  

I used a piece of silk (at least I think it is) for the backing that I had in my stash along with the leftover silk batting trimmings from our summer bed quilt.

Yesterday afternoon we took a short drive to the viewpoint for the dry salt lakes to the east of us.  

They have a good bit of water in them from all the rains we've gotten.  I can't remember ever seeing the hills around so green!  Amazing what a normal monsoon rainy season will do for the natural vegetation.
 Roads on either side of ours are lined with flowers!  I finally checked the settings on my camera with the manual.  I had noticed my pictures were all coming out grainy.  I was able to restore it to better settings, and also found I have a "wide" option.  Guess I should spend more time with the manual!   


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