Monday, August 18, 2014

I really like paper piecing?

I no longer hate paper piecing!  I took a great class Saturday with Barbara Gary teaching Judy Niemeyer's One for All Seasons table runner.

I've tried paper piecing before...Shelley taught us Judy Mathieson's freezer paper piecing method at one of the early yearly retreats I attend in Phoenix.  I made a pillow with my finished piece, but didn't really love the process to want to do more.

Craftsy was having a sale and I signed up for Carol Doak's paper piecing class.  It didn't really inspire me--and I didn't get very far.  

So when the opportunity to take a two-day class being offered 60 miles away, with no one I knew, presented itself...I signed up!  I thought well, this will either make or break (forever) paper piecing for me.

Look what I can do!

With detailed cutting instructions and some prep the night before, I got half of the large arcs done at the class Saturday.  Sunday morning I finished the large arcs.  Sunday afternoon I got all the small arcs done.  I'm looking forward to learning how to put it all together.

When I first started quilting I fell in love with NY Beauty style quilts.  I hoped to do one, but that seemed beyond my reach since I didn't take to paper piecing.  Now I'm considering doing a bed sized quilt with a Judy Niemeyer pattern.  

I couldn't post without a couple of colorful cloud pictures.  The storm cloud ablaze at the top was directly east of the setting sun Saturday evening.

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