Sunday, August 24, 2014

Maybe I don't love paper piecing...

And maybe I don't hate it either.  I got to the part that seems fussy and time consuming...Removing all the paper.  This is not the fun part.  

I'm really amazed at the crisp points I was able to achieve.  

I started another "table runner" in another color combination.  I've decided the two table runners will be used as a cushion cover for the chest in our bedroom.  
I'm waffling back and forth now on whether I have the stick-to-itiveness to make a bed sized quilt.  I still love NY Beauty maybe!

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Shelley: the Dread Pirate Rodgers said...

They look lovely, Hilda!

but to beat a dead horse, do not SEW through the paper! In fact, don't USE paper. Use freezer paper templates instead. Sew *alongside* the folded back section. Flip the fabric so it's against the shiney side of the freezer paper. Iron in place. repeat, repeat, repeat. When you are done, simple PEEL OFF the freezer paper template like a Post-it note and *reuse* until it's no longer sticky.