Monday, March 03, 2014

Sunrises, sunsets...

Yesterday morning the day dawned with clouds and the mountains were all cloaked in snow.  We got a nice third of an inch of much needed rain.  

I see a jellyfish in this cloud formation. 

The snow is still there this morning, but clouds in in the eastern horizon made it another winter morning spectacle.  

Pat and I sewed on Friday.  She is nearly done with the baby quilt for her niece she started at the retreat in Phoenix.  I love this quilt!

I finished quilting the two Hungry Caterpillar quilts Pat had put together.  I used Lotsa Ladybugs, pantograph which worked well.  I thought there was enough backing to do two more of the caterpillar quilts--but there wasn't, so I didn't have to feel guilty about not getting my two done from the fabrics Melody gave us! 

I'm starting to get a stack of quilts to deliver to Dr. Kaufman.
Sunsets have been pretty spectacular as well, with this one a couple of days ago.  I love our light shows, twice a day!  We're sewing again today, so I better get.


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sophie said...

There's a lot more snow on the mountains there than here, I think. The "winter storm" over the weekend kept me inside, but it was pretty mild. Are you now fully recovered and back to normal? As usual, Pat and you are quilting up a storm.