Sunday, May 15, 2011

Socks and treasures

I'm generally looking at the ground for treasures when I walk.  And "treasures" is a loose term with me...bits of metal stuffs, buttons, marbles, or curious larger, glass "marbles" that Dale is convinced have something to do with the railroad since he's found a number of them when riding along the track.  A google search revealed this article of interest.  

Friday Dale went hiking and I walked to the post office by myself.  I was rewarded with this Chauffeur badge.  Didn't know they even existed.  The internet was once again a wealth of information, with this site.

I finished my latest pair of socks.  I wanted different colored heels and toes, and had a bit of time working out the color changes in the heel.  I wanted the red heel much bigger but it was going to be a mess of splices for color changes or carrying the thread along the instep, and I didn't want particularly thick socks.  Once again the internet came through...I emailed Kathie after her blog post about not liking the two socks on circulars method and I am now the owner of a perfect pair of Addi needles.  They are a little different than the Addi lace needles I'd been using and I finished the toes on these with them.
Now back to outside work, moving plants, and rocks in anticipation of building a sun room addition to the front of our house.

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