Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A great weekend...

It was a very productive weekend.  Pat arrived late on Thursday night--actually it was already early Friday morning by the time she got here.

We headed out to the Fiber Arts Fiesta, picking up Lindsay, and then going to lunch first.  We had a great meal at Cafe Trang.  It conveniently shares a parking lot with Talin Market,
an international market, where I got some chocolate treats for later during our class.
The landscape class with Michelle Jackson was great.  Of course I liked everyone else's work better than my own--no surprise.  Lindsay came over Saturday to finish hers.  I put the binding on for her after she finished the beading. 

Pat's landscape is great and she is using a tree that she made some time ago in a thread painting class.  

Mine still needs more...I think I'll fuse leaves for my tree.  It's on hold now while I do some quilting.  Pat finished two queen quilts, working on them simultaneously.  
 There was a lot of eye candy at the show, and many tempting vendors.

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sophie said...

All three landscape quilts are lovely, but I especially like YOURS. Please don't give up on it.