Thursday, January 13, 2011

More bargains

What can I say...I love thrift store shopping.  I got out again yesterday and found New Horizons Thrift store in Pueblo.  It's a huge building and I spent quite a bit of time before uncovering the following bargains.

 The green cotton fabric was a remnant that I found at an older Wal-Mart, which still carries fabric.  It looked like hand dyed.  The plaid is wool, and hopefully when I get back home I can make a couple more advent calendars before I lose my momentum, since I failed to get them done for this past Christmas.

I was intrigued by Julie's post and have joined this swap for sock blocks.  My knitting of socks, however, has fallen by the wayside.  I have found the Kindle is the perfect thing to read while rocking babies.  I doesn't lose my place, isn't too heavy or hard to hold one handed!  What a great way to read with a baby keeping me warm.  Babies are napping now, and I better take advantage and get things done.


sophie said...
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sophie said...

I love the image of you rocking babies and reading on your Kindle.

I am envious of your thrifty finds. I've recently had an interesting experience looking for wool to dye and upcycle in Austin thrift stores ... I've learned that there's not much wool to be found in Austin (too warm, except for maybe right NOW) and if you find some, it will be in new or like new condition.

(FYI, I deleted my first comment because of an unfortunate typo)