Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Time keeps on slippin, slippin

Into the future...
And mostly all I've been doing is trying to keep warm.  How quickly the days go by, but the cold ones seem to drag a bit.

Friday it will be two weeks already since I've been home.  Nice to get reacquainted with all my old stuff and try to find room for my new acquisitions.  Then there were birthdays...mine and Dale's.  Found out through one of the Yahoo groups I belong to that I'm actually born in the year of the dragon instead of the snake, as I previously thought.  Who knew the Chinese new years didn't start on Jan. 1st like ours!  It varies from year to year, and would naturally affect those birthdays in January and February.  My good friend Rosie although sharing my same birth year was born in the year of the snake, just nine days after me. I also discovered a birthday twin on the same forum.

 I've managed to quilt and finish two tree skirts, getting gifts finished for next Christmas.  I also put together a quick donation quilt from a panel that Carolyn gave to our cause.  The backing was pinwale corduroy which was also donated and makes a wonderful warm and sturdy backing.  I used a tiger pantograph--yes, I know tigers are in Asia, but I didn't have any African animals panto.  It's hard to pick out the tigers anyway.   

We recorded our lowest temperature since we've lived here...-26 last week!  Fortunately our little house weathered the severe cold well, and we had gas, electricity, and DSL without interruption.  No burst pipes.  There were plenty of failures throughout the state.  That's ice on the inside of our window.  We block the windows with rigid foam insulation covered with batting and fabric.  It helps keep the heat in and cold out overnight.  During the day we take out the blockers for solar gain. 

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fixin2quilt aka jdo said...

So, Hilda ... did you make your traditional Grapefruit Cake for your birthdays this year? That sounds soooooooooooo good right about now ... jdo