Monday, January 10, 2011

Garage sale finds

Saturday my son-in-law and I got out for a bit of retail therapy.  I filled a box with fabric, some doilies, and the best treasure, a pair of tiny sock monkeys.  The fabrics above were all my finds.  I must admit there are a few which will be finding their way back to a thrift store as they were really thin, but most of the stack is usable cottons.  I'm planning a project with doilies.  I saw a wall hanging in Paducah several years ago with dyed doilies and I've wanted to do something along those lines ever since.  

Here are the cute little monkeys for my twin grandsons.  The monkeys are a lot less trouble, but I already knew that babies were a lot of work.  And two, well the work increases exponentially.

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