Monday, December 13, 2010

Productive weekend

It's always great to having sewing company, and Pat is definitely good at getting stuff done.  When she was quilting, I was binding.  When she was piecing, I was quilting, and we were just rolling them off the production line!  We did take plenty of eating breaks, though I must confess to fixing store bought pasta on Sunday since we were too busy for me to stop and make raviolis.  We all survived.  Pat brought the most wonderful chocolates, that one of the AZ retreat hostess' husband makes.  I'm not easily impressed, but these were divine!

Pat took home three quilts which will go to her niece who volunteers with Susan G. Kommen for the Cure.  Two were very similar, and the third had a wonderful border with AZ cacti.  I "custom" quilted that one, and Pat did a panto on the other two.  "Custom" is a relative term when applied to my quilting though.  It's best viewed with a little perspective, and not scrutinized too closely.

This is the other fishy quilt from donated blocks.  I did Dave Hudson's Sea Turtles pantograph.  It's a great panto, and I've used it a number of times.  I was lucky to score a bunch of pantos from Dave at our last longarm meeting.  I'm looking forward to trying them all.

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