Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New panto

I scored a lot of new pantos at the longarm meeting weekend before last.  I really wanted to try Silly Snowmen.  It looked challenging, and indeed it was.
I think if I had kept at it (like anything else) I would have gotten more comfortable.  I used a pinwale corduroy that was donated to Pat and I from an about.com forum member, Marje.  It's great for backings, and no trouble at all to quilt through.

I may try again, using all of the different snowmen designs.  I wanted to get this last quilt done so that I could get it delivered today, so I just did the snowmen on the top and bottom, and filled in the middle with a much easier snowflake panto.  I still really like it, and like all things, it will probably just take practice to do the design justice.


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