Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Another kitty quilt

I've been working on taming the wild kitties outside, and quilting Pat's kitty quilt indoors.  Unlike our previous kitty quilts, these blocks are a bit more work.  

They need more quilting, and stitching in the ditch on the longarm is more work than a domestic machine.  I decided on rather dense quilting in the frames, and the black backgrounds.  But the kitties look a little puffy, since they're only outlined with a tail and whiskers added.  I'm going to take the quilt to the longarm meeting and see if the more experienced quilters among them have an idea for some kind of fill for the kitties.


I also decided to try the faux piping binding featured on this tutorial.  I liked the method, and will probably tweak the instructions a little because I like small binding.  I also worked the recipient's name in one of the kitty borders.

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