Thursday, April 22, 2010

Beautiful wedding

Our daughter's wedding was wonderful.  She looked beautiful, as generally all brides do.  It was a couple of late nights for us.  We left Friday morning early on our drive up to Colorado.  We had great weather and arrived in the early afternoon.  The rehearsal dinner was that night.  We rehearsed minus younger daughter who couldn't leave Albuquerque until after 1 p.m.  She made it for the dinner, and there was really not too much to rehearse.  My big part was to stand after the flower girls which signaled Dale to start walking Jackie down the aisle.  I had to dig my nail into another finger to keep from bawling!

I have few pictures, but they aren't great and I am working on my laptop, and so not able to edit well for red eye, etc.  Rosie used my camera since I was more into the experience rather than photographing, and the official photographer took hundreds of photos.  He went to the rehearsal, the hairdresser, the getting ready.  I'm sure there will be lots of wonderful photos.  (I told him I believed in retouching!)  I liked this one Rosie caught of Dale dancing with Jackie.  They were up to mischief!
Lindsay and Geoff looked great.  She is more like her mother, and less likely to dress up.  We all clean up well!  On the left you can see the quilt I made for Jackie & Justin.  I managed to get the quilting done Thursday night before we left, and trimmed it.  I have since finished the binding--I hand stitched it down, which is rare for me.  Thankfully my thumb surgeries have been successful, and I managed to finish it without pain from the hand stitching.

We are now spending a quiet week taking care of the house and puppy while the kids are on their honeymoon.  More pictures after I get back home.

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