Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Couldn't resist

After seeing Sophie's post, I couldn't resist knowing what inanimate object I am! I'm happy to know that I am malleable and easily adaptable to new situations. It seems there may be lots of new situations coming my way.

Pic of sock with details
Oooh! Look at me! I'm a sock!

Random Object Quiz
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Well, I didn't do my Chapter 9 check-in. I did read through the chapter, but didn't feel that I had any blocks or creative U-turns. I plan to revisit this chapter in the future. I'm still consistently doing my morning pages 7 out of 7 days. And artist dates, well, I can't say that I did anything specific. Right now having time to work on any art is just the medicine I need, and I've managed to squeeze some in. I identified with a number of points Jane Ann brought up in her check-in as well as Suze's comments. I would have to say that having to do this book in a group has made me more accountable. Had I just decided to buy/read it I doubt I would have stuck with it as long or participated as much in the actual doing! I'm going to move on to Chapter 10, but there are likely a number of chapters I will be revisiting sometime in the future.


Jenny Wren said...

Oh Hilda - A sock! (Well, I'm a toaster)

I have that Way of the Artist book, but haven't stuck with it at all on my own. Maybe I'll find some quiet time later this summer. Fortunately, I commit to people better than projects! It's been interesting to see what others are getting out of the process.

Deb H said...

I thought it was fun too. I took the quiz & ended up being a calculator! I added it to my blog & it changed the whole layout then had a devil of a time trying to delete it. It didn't want to be deleted. Had to edit over it then delete. Lost all my links. Had to go back & do them again, & can't get back to the HTML for the Artful Quilters Link, so guess I'll never be an Artful Quilter :~(