Monday, January 16, 2006

The computer ate my blogwork!

I posted this all once already! Arrgghhh! Anyway I guess we're on a Monday snow schedule. Last week we also had a bit of a blizzard on Monday. Yesterday it was 70 degrees, today, it snowed. We can sure use the moisture, but I could do without the extremes.

Chapter 8 Check-In

I did my morning pages 7 out of 7. I find them beneficial, though most of the time without tangible evidence of this.

This chapter didn't seem to be so much about time management in concrete terms, but the best advice I took from it is Filling the Form. I have a bad habit of not taking the smallest step, and therefore making the journey, unless I am assured that I can complete it. The journey is reward enough. I need to take the smallest of steps everyday, and before I know it, I will have completed something. Frequently I don't begin a task unless I can work until I finish, and so I'm guilty of putting obstacles in my own I need to clean up, be caught up with everything else before I reward myself with creative work. And I know that without a creative outlet, I'm not the best of company!

I had written so much more, but this will have to do for now. I'm cooking dinner, but I did make time and get some sewing in today. I didn't finish quilting what I was working on, but I'm that much closer to being done!


Red Fork Hippie Chick said...

Hilda, I think you might find some benefit from Flylady's system. Especially her admonitions to "jump in where you are" and pace yourself with a timer that lets you do your work in 15-minute increments. (That probably won't work for turning over rooms, but it's good for stuff around the house.)

I don't think there is any way I would have one minute for creative pursuits if I didn't use her system to keep me sane and ... well, "organized" would be a strong word, but I'm getting there, albeit very slowly.

quiltnbee said...

Love the picture of the daughter and I stayed at your hotel in summer 2002 and it was sweltering, hard to imagine snow there ~g~ I have a very cool couple of photos taken by one of the garages...may be going through there again this summer...On the AW note: I, too have a thing about starting something when there are other things demanding my attention, "clean up, be caught up with everything else "...but I do it anyway often and then I feel guilty the whole time ...I've decided to stop feeling guilty...
Thanks for sharing the photo,

sophie said...

We're suffering a bit from extremes here, too. From weather so unseasonably warm that the golf courses opened one day last week, to bitter cold, windy days with windchills around ZERO and, now, FREEZING RAIN. My truck was covered with ice like a popsicle this morning.

I'm looking forward to marking up my morning pages with a couple of highlighters this week and finding out if there any gems there. Even if all they serve is a place for a brain dump and a few sketches every morning, I know the quality of my life is better when I'm doing them.

Linda said...

I do so understand. I spent years telling myself if I'd get 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and 9 done, then I'd 'get to' create something fun. That was housework, mending (yuck) paperwork..etc. etc. that was eating up my creative juices. I do a little of that now to keep ahead, but I know that I MUST create and make the time for it. I hope you can, too.

Tracey said...

I definitely relate to your having to have things done before you 'reward' yourself. I don't see myself every being able to break through that. :o/