Saturday, December 06, 2014

Only two posts in November?

The past month just got away from me, and now it's only 19 days until Christmas??  So many things I had in mind to do/finish.

I finally got a quilt finished for Dr. Kaufman, but have only three in the queue to be delivered.  This one was from Patty E.  I used Mr. Potato Head panto on it.

I started on making the monsters for the grandboys, and am almost finished with the first one.  

Haven't done a thing about getting an advent calendar done for us, but that's okay.  Should really try to do that while I still have all the wool stuff out. 

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving in Colorado where I did lots and lots of cooking.  I made the pies here before going up.  Tried a new pie, apple cranberry one crust pie with a crumb topping and it turned to be just about everyone's new favorite.  I think it's going to become a regular.  

We still like the "cranberry pudding" (pictured in the center) which is not a pudding at all but more of a rich pie to me, and it's nice to use the rest of the cranberry package with the apple.

Our snowstorm back in November yielded a beautiful flocked landscape, so bright and pretty in the sunshine.  


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sophie said...

Your monster has the sweetest, kindest face. Please be sure to share a photo when he's done. I've never seen that Mr. Potato Head panto--how cute is that?