Monday, December 08, 2014

Just a couple of monsters, hanging out

I finished the boys' monsters with a minor hiccup.  I sat them on the ironing board for their photo ops and noticed the second one was missing ears!

So I had to do emergency surgery and attach some ears to the second monster.  They don't look identical, but then neither are the twins!

Another beautiful sunrise in NM.  I so love the early morning color displays.

Here are the monsters with their pet badgers (doesn't every monster need a badger companion?) that I picked up Black Friday shopping at IKEA in Denver.  I must say as far as shopping on Black Friday goes, IKEA was certainly more mellow than most of the "regular" stores, which thankfully we stayed away from.  



Sewing Up A Storm said...

The monsters and their pet badgers will surely be a hit with your grandsons! I love the eyes.

sophie said...


Suze said...

oh gosh those are such cute and cuddly monsters! so fun..The boys will be over the moon..