Saturday, December 20, 2014

Eve of the Solstice

I haven't been very productive...or maybe everything I've been doing just takes more time than I think it should.

I got caught up in making ornaments.  I used lots of costume jewelry from my mother-in-law and some other recycled items such as (unusable) bobbins, empty wooden spools, wine corks, and leftover yarn.  It's addictive and lots of inspiration to be found online.

I also made candies, trying to recreate Brazilian confections, such as "cajuzinho" and "beijinhos de coco."  (little cashews and little coconut kisses)  Confections that can be had in any corner bakery in Brazil, as shown below.
These are the "salgadinhos" or savory snacks.  I wish I could go shopping for these treats for the boys' birthday party.  Instead I'll be trying to recreate them after Christmas.
The character of the light at this time of year is so wonderful.  Here is the setting sun, lighting up plants in my kitchen window.

This morning I saw the tiniest sliver of moon come up, so very difficult for me to photograph.  One of these days I'll try to use the camera on something besides "Auto."
Tomorrow I'm having a solstice celebration dinner with Pat.  Looking forward to longer daylight again!

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Pat/SWquilter said...

Sorry I had to miss the Solstice dinner - these holidays weren't much devoted to eating delicious things. Just never felt like it.