Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Two more

The hummingbirds are here in full force.  The Rufous are noisy and guard what they now claim as their territory--our two feeders.  I love to see them feeding from plants, and I hope soon, we'll have trumpet vine flowers for them.

I finished two more quilts for Dr. Kaufman, the last of the stack Patty E. gave me.  I have one more from Kathy F. to quilt, and two that I put together.   I used Feng Shui Fans panto from Dave Hudson and also  had a backing with fans for this top with Oriental fabrics. 

I used my other new panto, Pharoah's Collar from Judy Lyon.  I can't say enough about her designs.  I used to be intimidated by them, but now I revel in their complexity.  I do prefer them on solid colored backings where they'll be more visible.

Thanks to friends, specifically, Tove, I have a lot more tops to quilt before I have to resort to piecing more.  I received a box yesterday with ten tops she is donating to our cause along with a quilt for my longarm services.    

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