Friday, July 18, 2014

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I've been looking for a challenge in my quilting work.  In looking over things I had made in the past, I felt they were a little more creative and I missed challenging myself.  On my early morning blog hopping I came across Rach's Sewvivor Season 3--Quilter's Edition.  I wasn't familiar with her previous season challenges, but this seems perfect for me.

Here is my audition, my just recently finished summer quilt.  I'd been meaning to make a summer quilt for our bed and finally got it done, using my recently acquired Kaffe Fassett stash.  

The stats:  The quilt measures 89 X 94" after shrinking quite a bit in the wash.  I used 100% silk batting which said should be dry cleaned only.  That's rather impractical and anyone who knows me, knows if it doesn't survive the washer and dryer, it doesn't last at my house.  I did take special care, washing it in cold water, and low heat drying.

I used 100% Egyptian cotton king size sheet for backing which was just a bit too short for the top, but I had quite a few flying geese leftover, and was able to use them to grow it some.  

I used Meadowlyon's Coils panto on it, and I love the texture it gave the quilt without standing out over the piecing.  I used So Fine thread on top and Fil-tec magna glide bobbin.  This quilt turned out light and perfect for summer.  This was my first experience with silk batting, and I love the loft of it.  

I hope I'm able to go on and compete in this!  I already have some ideas for some of the challenges!



MsMidge said...


sophie said...

Good luck with your audition. Your quilt is wonderful!

Emily Carroll said...

i really like the colors used in these blocks. the backing extra addition makes it so much more interesting than just a solid color. best of luck to you in the auditions!

QuarterMileQuilts said...

Love the backing on this quilt! Best, Kate

gnomeangel said...

I love the back! Such a strong pattern on both back and front. Great work. Good luck with the competition!

SandyQuilts said...

Oh Hilda love the quilt. Yours is awesome. Where can I find the pattern?