Friday, July 11, 2014

More insects!

These two moths were hanging out on the garage wall.  I think they are a type of Sphinx moth.  They look like they'd blend in better in a more wooded area.  

I finished this great quilt from Kathy F.  I used my new Judy Lyon panto, Coils.  While it is very dense, it's not overly difficult.  The texture is wonderful.  

Our plants are doing well.  Finally the Spanish broom is flowering.  It really needs the protected east side of the house.  The gaillardia (blanket flower) beside it is a wild volunteer.  
The bird of paradise started blossoming.  I don't think it will ever get very large because of our winters, but at least it's surviving.  

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sophie said...

I always find moths on the north side of the house, but nothing as interesting as that.

I saw the Coils panto during show and tell at the NNMQG--it's cool.