Monday, May 21, 2012

Waiting and knitting

 We made a trip to Colorado.  It was an opportunity to take my dad to see his great-grandsons.  I scheduled the trip to coincide with the itinerant Brazilian Consulate being in Denver.  Fortunately I had submitted the correct, necessary paperwork so that I could get my American marriage certificate registered with the consulate, and finally get my passport in my married name.  Just waiting for the passport in the mail now!

The itinerant consulate operated much the same as any other bureaucratic entity.  There was a lot of confusion.  A lot of waiting.  We arrived there when they opened at 9 a.m. and left at 2 p.m., the first couple of hours waiting on the person that pulled my already prepared paperwork from a stack, and then moving on to waiting on the only person who was doing marriage and birth certificate registrations.  There were a lot of cranky, tired children waiting in the all too small church as well.  I was glad it was only Dale and I.  I finished the pair of socks I've had on my needles since the beginning of the year, except for the seams with Kitchener stitches, which I did later.  They haven't been washed yet!  
The boys have grown and changed so much, walking and really understanding what you say to them.  They still like my cooking, and were enjoying chicken soup with some creamed spinach.


We also took the opportunity to do some shopping for furniture at IKEA in Denver.

The sun room is finished except for a small table glitch.  I picked up the wrong base, bar height instead of table height, and we need to exchange it. 

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