Sunday, May 13, 2012

Roof drip line

When we finished the exterior building of the sun room, Dale laid some flat stones in the roof drip line to prevent splashing in the dirt and mucking up the walls.  It was temporary at best.  With my dad visiting and redoing the stones at the exterior of our front door, I finally got busy and cleaned up the area in front of the sun room.

I used broken, smaller rocks, broken pottery and filled in the same area where the roof drips.  Fortunately our Russian sage, and bird of paradise (bush) survived the construction process.  I added a red yucca (hesperaloe) which I hope will make it, as the hummingbirds like the flowers.  I kept my dad, here for his yearly, month-long visit, from devastating our wild primroses which are thriving this year out front, since he likes to clear all around the house and considers everything a weed.  We tried moving one of the plants--the wilted looking thing in the photo above, only to discover they have very long tap roots.  It's hanging on, so maybe it will make it. 
I also finished the east side flower bed where I had moved all the irises from the front of the house.  They are much happier to have protection from the prevailing winds.  The front of the house is looking much better now.  

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Pat/SWquilter said...

Looks great - you've done such a nice job on the landscaping!