Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sofa bed

We really had no ultimate plans for our sun room other than taking advantage of the solar gain.  Even before completely finishing it, it was functioning to provide just about all of our daytime heat this past winter.  

We started thinking it would be a great place to sleep someone.  Our friend Cybelle's visit from Brazil coincided with my dad's and so she has slept there on a borrowed air mattress.  We shopped for a sofa bed while at the IKEA store in Denver.  Now we have a sofa sleeper.  We're ready for the kids to come visit with the twins now!
This sofa bed is easy to pull out, and even has storage for linens. The other red wall will have a table and chairs, so we can enjoy breakfast in the sunshine in the winter.  Just need to exchange the table base.

The yucca flowers opened and it has gone to seed.  I think it was more spectacular before the flowers actually opened.  The seed pods look like green chiles to me!  The evening primroses continue to bloom without any watering, and scorching winds.  It's warmed to summer now, and we have fires in southern NM blowing smoke our way. 

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Pat/SWquilter said...

Looks great - you never said, but somehow I knew you would have chosen the blue sofa!! ;-)