Monday, July 25, 2011

Quilt camp

I had a lot to do on my return home.  I had two big queen quilts to quilt for Pat.  I wanted to get them done so that I could take them with to a planned trip to Bear Cabin Inn where I was meeting up with friends from Phoenix.  

I did get them done, but not without a hiccup.  Measure twice, cut once is a lesson I keep having to learn.  I measured out lengths of backing--Pat had bought lots of homespun yardage to use for backing.  I sewed the lengths together, loaded them on the longarm frame...and I thought it looked a little short.  I place the quilt top on the backing, and it is--very short.  I had to take it off the frame and add pieces to each of three lengths.  Arrrggghh!  No pictures of the finished quilts.  I meant to do that at the retreat where we could have tall people hold up the quilts, but forgot.

Got back and quilted a top for Yetta, who had so kindly donated a number of tops for Dr. Kaufman, and also a finished quilt.  

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