Friday, July 01, 2011

Lava Hot Springs, ID

As far as our trip goes, we saved the best for last.  We discovered Lava Hot Springs, ID.  We camped in town at the KOA before discovering our favorite spot, Big Spring campground just north of the town of Lava Hot Springs.  It was everything we wanted...Cooler high country, early spring flowers, not too many people.


We spent our days just lazing around, and every evening we went to town to enjoy the huge pool and then finish off with a soak in the hotter pools.  The water was amazingly clear with no sulfur odor, and very hot.  It was one of the best hot springs we've ever been to. 

On our way to Colorado to finish our trip we went through Soda Springs, and caught their captive geyser. It was pretty spectacular.  

We also filled up a couple of bottles with their natural soda water from the spring.  Dale enjoyed it...I preferred my store bought bubbly water.  

Also happened to catch the slag pour at the Monsanto plant near there.  Probably the closest I'll get to what looks like an active volcano.  

The drive through Wyoming and Colorado was uneventful, though I have to grit my teeth and just get through Denver.  I don't enjoy going through traffic in a big rig.  

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