Sunday, October 24, 2010

Winter feels just around the corner...

The temperatures have really cooled here, enough so that Dale cleaned our heat stove and lit the pilot.  In fact we already used it yesterday afternoon.

The full moon was visible through some virga.  We weren't too disappointed since we recently had over an inch of rain.

Today I'm warming up the house with baking.  I finally tried the pecan cranberry whole wheat bread recipe Dr. Kaufman gave me.  It's a wonderful bread that saved me when I was in the hospital for my total knee.  

We can still see the fall colors in the mountains.  I doubt they'll last much longer.  It's already been over a week since we drove up to see.  
 I'm not in a hurry for winter.  Fall could last longer than three months if it were up to me.


sophie said...

I'm beginning to wonder if it will ever be cool enough here to light a fire in the fireplace ... although it is often cooler at night, today's high was 92 degrees. Geesh.

Pat/SWquilter said...

Ha! I'd like to find a place to live where fall actually lasted three months. It always seems to be the shortest season of the year, no matter where I've lived - probably just because I like it the best.