Sunday, May 16, 2010

Another one finished...

 Thanks to all that donated tops!  I was able to get another kitty quilt done.  This one is 30s kitties, and I just don't tire of all the different kitty quilts.  It's a good thing because I have one more to go.  This one is from Ellen.

I got brave and did some feathers on the borders.  I hope the kitties didn't create the feathery border mess from hunting!  ;-)

We noticed yesterday on our walk to the post office that the tanagers seem to be all over town.  And late yesterday we had a pair of scaled quail feeding.  We've had them come through our yard, but never hang around and eat.  I hope they start coming regularly. 

I spent the rest of the gorgeous day trying to put some order in the sewing room by cleaning out my scrap drawers, which of course created much more of a mess than it fixed.  Back to it today...  

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