Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ahhh (sigh of relief)!

It's been a very busy couple of months.  It started in March with the arrival of Cybelle.  She's a wonderful guest and we have a good time together.  Then in the beginning of April my dad arrived.  Then there was the wedding, getting Cybelle and my dad off to visit other people, and it all ended yesterday with dropping my dad off for his trip back to Brazil.  And so our house is quiet and back to normal.  
I finished some quilts this past week, finally getting to the pile of donation quilts that Pat and I have gotten.  This first one is a great oriental themed quilt which will, I'm sure, become a favorite of some teenager.  Thanks Judy H!  

This next one is one of our favorites, a kitty quilt.  Pat had a wealth of these blocks, and then got even more from Sue, another quilting forum member.  I have a couple more kitty quilt tops to quilt yet.  

I also signed up for a class, Impressionist Portrait, but of course with everything else going on, haven't done much of anything except get an 11X14 print to use.  Yesterday I picked up a teflon mat and some tracing paper which I needed to begin working on this in earnest.  We'll see what becomes of it.

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