Monday, November 12, 2007

Another month...

The days just seem to pass, one after the other. I love reading so many blogs and feel like I know some of these people, and envy their easy, frequent writing styles. I have to push myself to add another blog post. I thought about joining NaBloPoMo, but I really didn't think I'd pull it off. I think the only time I blogged regularly was when I was participating, along with other quilters on the forum in The Artist's Way exercises. That kicked off the blog, and then I just let it fall by the wayside.

So now I'm recovering from arthroscopy of my knee, and have all this rather unproductive time, but still have to push myself to blog. I guess having two close friends that I email daily leaves little else that I feel the need to write about.

Our house remodel and renovation is coming along, with little participation from me. My husband, who I've recently started calling, the keeper, since it was pointed out to me that he was "a keeper," is the one who makes the changes happen. He is nearing the completion of an added three-quarter bath to our little abode. He works day after day, and the changes keep accumulating, all I have to do is feed him! I need to follow his example more, and plow along and make progress with my quilting. I've committed to make the girls a quilt each for Christmas. One is ready to be quilted on the long-arm, and the other hasn't been started, still an ever changing vision that comes and goes from my head! And my mind is a bit addled with pain medication!

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Sheri said...

Hi Hilda,
Your post was the 3'd comment on my PIF blog post.Please send me your snail mail address so I know where to send your gift.
I wish my DH would do somme remodeling jobs. He retires soon and I keep telling him then "he's mine" LOL