Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Slow progress

Well, I knew recovery wasn't linear and only in an up(beat) direction. So I have a day of progress, and a couple of days of stagnating. I'm glad I didn't create a traffic jam for all the people beating a path to my blog for the PIF challenge. ;-)

For lack of anything better to post about, I'll include a picture of all the postcards I got from the Dia de los Muertos postcard swap that I hosted on It was a lot of fun, and it's great to get such a variety of creativity. I can also post the cards I made for the swap now that it's over. There was much discussion about postage rates, and I mailed all of mine for the postcard rate, which the postmistress of our little post office thinks falls within the guidelines.

It was windy with a cold wind blowing from the east all day today. Still our days are warm and sunny and we haven't used the heat except for a few days when it got down to 15. I think winter will eventually catch up to us. I hope by then to be more productive...Christmas is just around the corner.

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auntann11 said...

A friend sent me to check out these great postcards and she was right.

I don't blog so did not sign up for your PIF but will check back to see what you made.