Wednesday, September 05, 2007

A WIP and a finished piece

I've been working on a small piece (9X12) for Ami Simms Priority: Alzheimer's Quilts project and finally finished it. I'd had the little jellyfish hanging on my bulletin board for a couple of years since I participated in a postcard swap on I had intended to make a postcard out of it, but the swap ended and I hadn't yet found inspiration. I needed a little more background to make it a 9X12 size and so pieced some fabric to give a watery look. It's so nice now to quilt backgrounds on the bottoms of what's left when I finish a quilt on the long-arm.

My other piece is still a work in progress and I hope to get it finished in the next couple of days. I'm terrible at naming things and hope that someone will be able to help come up with something.

Nobody in my family or that I know personally has been struck with Alzheimer's but I do understand the burden of taking care of a sick and/or aging family member, having spent eight months in MN caring for my mother-in-law.
I better get back to my "work" before I lose the momentum.

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