Monday, September 10, 2007

Inspiration Monday

Well, after a dry spell, I got out in my sewing/sunroom early and made this scary sock stuffie. Several years ago I made sock monkeys and a sock elephant for my daughters. Today I came across these wonderful creatures and decided the pair of socks I scavenged from hubby's uncle had seen the inside of a drawer long enough. This one has a home, if she wants it, with my daughter's friend to whom I promised a sock monkey if she quit smoking. Don't know that she has quit, but her birthday is coming up.

Got to the post office and mailed off a couple of quilts. I'm also putting more touches on the second Alzheimer's project quilt. Hope to get that done soon so I can concentrate on another quilt on the long-arm. I still have a box of apples that need handling, and peaches keep dropping off our tree. They aren't quite ripe, but tasty with a sprinkling of sugar.

I'm going to try cooking them into something, perhaps a peachy orange sauce for our fish dinner tonight. The peaches have survived lots of wind without coming down, but now that they are heavier we're getting a lot more of them blowing off.

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