Sunday, March 12, 2017

I am still a gatherer...

We don't have mail delivery to homes here, and so a trip to the post office is in order for most days.  I like to walk the two-mile round trip, but the past few weeks the weather hasn't cooperated.  Mostly the wind has been the enemy lately.  

When I do walk, I generally find stuff.  The wind, rain, and snow is continuously unearthing new treasures and recently I laid out my newer collected finds on the picnic table.  

I knew the large white ceramic disk was some type of insulator, but had no knowledge of early glass jar batteries!  I found the three pieces at different times in the same general location.  
I find lots of old brown Clorox jars--well, pieces parts.  The lid on the Purex bottle has held up its claim of being unbreakable and rust proof!  I'm hoping to get back into mosaics when spring decides to arrive permanently.  

I've also finished some more quilts.  This small one from Yetta gave me an opportunity to try a new panto, Wallaby Weave, that I didn't want to commit to doing on a large quilt.  While it is dense, it's not too difficult.

Patti E. gave me this wonderful top.  

Besides keeping me with a healthy supply of tops, Tove sent this already finished quilt along with a matching tote.  

I also finished a large quilt for Pat.  I used Rita's Feather panto on it which while not overly difficult became tedious on such a large quilt. 

Thanks to all my friends who keep me stitching.  A little sign of spring from hyacinths I planted in the fall not knowing if they were still viable after some long neglect in Jackie's garage last spring! 


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