Friday, August 14, 2015

Home again, home again

We had a wonderful week in Colorado, three days up in the mountains and the rest of the week at Jackie & Justin's.  Still waiting for Justin to send pictures of the boys.  

Got home to another package from Tove with lots more tops for Dr. Kaufman, and even this finished quilt!

I also finished this one from Patty E.  I had forgotten I had loaded it before I left.

Had a spectacular sunrise on the 10th for Lindsay's birthday!  Can't believe my "baby" is 30!

Several of the kitties had disappeared for weeks, and I feared the worst, but they are all back and hanging around!   

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Patty said...

The blue and yellow blocks were from a swap on about, years back!! I will have to bow to Tove's superior abilities at churning out quilt tops!! but I won't quit making them for you, will just have to be in second place!